About Us

Our crazy Cavoodle love was sparked after adopting our first two pups— two Cavoodle, Jack and Darlin. At the time, my husband was traveling a lot and I needed a companion.
I fell in love with their intelligence, playfulness and unique personalities! They brought pure joy to our family and I wanted to share what I had experienced with the world.

We had a litter of puppies between the two and as long as I agreed to not keep any puppies my husband, James, supported me!

Three litters later, I wanted to share this fabulous breed with the world and Lillian Cavoodle Home was launched!!! As a child I had aspired to become a veterinarian but life took me other directions and this was the next best thing.

Before long, every time James would leave out of town he would come home to more Cavoodle!! But I never kept any puppies!

Cavoodle Are Like Potato Chips – You Can’t Have Just One!

We like to call them potato chips —you can’t have just one. Pretty soon James did not want to leave town anymore for fear he’d come home to more dogs, but eventually he came around and ascribed to an “if you can’t beat em, join em” mentality!
But he is as much as an Cavoodle love as I am now (or at least pretty darn close)!

We wanted to expand our property and move from the city to the country. Here we are – 13 years later on Lillian Cavoodle Home Ranch, with more than 5 acre’s to be surrounded by our spoiled Lil Cavoodle babies!