Privacy Policy

For all procedures of data processing ( eg, collection, processing, and transmission ), we proceed according to statutory regulations. You’re required for the business transaction will be saved and, for the ordering process to the extent necessary to service providers commissioned by us. To the extent legally permissible and in consideration of your respective legitimate interests to the exclusion of the transmission or use, we can contribute to credit and credit checks for orders address and credit data to other group mail-order companies and inquire. For initial orders for the account and hire purchase we use in addition to other credit data and address data to estimate the risk of payment default may not be taken. Furthermore, address and order data are collected and processed for our own marketing purposes. Exclusively provide such information for other marketing purposes where permitted by law. Note:

You can use, processing and transmission contradict your personal data for marketing purposes at any time by sending an informal notification by mail. However, this does not apply to the data necessary to process your order. Upon receipt of your objection, we will no longer use the affected data for purposes other than to process your order, process and transmit, as well as discontinue sending of advertising materials, including our catalogs you. Web tracking

On this website information about the surfing behavior of website visitors is collected and stored for marketing purposes in anatomized form. This data is stored using so-called cookie text files on your computer and allows us to analyze browsing behavior in an anonymous form. For example, from which city a website visitor comes, uses what type of browser and operating system of the web site visitors and which pages he has visited on the website. In no case here, the data obtained can be used to identify visitors to this website personally. The data collected is only used to improve the offer. Therefore, all IP addresses will be shortened so that IP addresses are processed only in an anonymous form. Any other use or disclosure to third parties.

If you want to contradict or cancel your contradiction of completely anonymous analysis of your surfing habits so you can make these settings here. Personal recommendations.

If you do not want your shopping history is stored for these purposes, you can disagree here. Please note that we do not in this browser recommendations tailored to you longer able to offer you. The contradiction you can unsubscripted at any time here again.

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